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March 21, 2017. 6 months homeless in Sacramento. 

Victoria is currently sleeping in a car with her med dog because she cannot find housing for low income seniors. Victoria is a disabled senior with a bone degenerating condition and a severe health issue, that if left untreated will result in death, but in order to attain successful treatment she needs a stable home. At 12 years old Victoria was forced into the dark world of sex trafficking, at 13 she was forced to have her first child, the Sacramento Bee even wrote an article about Victoria as a young mother and the difficulties she had faced. And though she faced hardships in life, she never gave up on herself, or others. She taught herself how to play several instruments, became an award winning recording artist and made a name for herself as a blues performer in Northern California. She was even invited to play at the late Joe Serna's dedication in Sacramento.

Victoria has advocated for sexual assault victims and even started a community program for underprivileged youth that focused on keeping them off the streets while teaching them how to play musical instruments.


Victoria is all alone and needs help. 

She is a disabled senior who was recently displaced from her home. Victoria is not asking for money. All she wants is a safe, warm home for her and her med dog. She is looking for a 1 bedroom to rent. Victoria has no evictions and even has recommendations from places she has lived before. Victoria is on disability and has a med dog named Mae. She enjoys her time reading, gardening, watching TV series, quilting and spending time with her med dog. Currently Victoria is looking to move into a great place that offers housing to low income seniors and that accept dogs ASAP. 

She has no criminal background and is drug free. 

Contact Victoria at 916-226-7671

Thank you!
A Home For Victoria
These are photos of Victoria when she was able to perform, before her health and disability issues worsened.

Song "Black Crow" written, performed and produced by Victoria Cupp.